Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wanted: Blog Topics

The Message Board, a staple of our web site since its inception in 1997 is no longer. It is now replaced with this blog.

There are several reasons we're doing this, but the important thing is we at encourage interactive participation from our users. The blog format will let us have this interaction while at the same time we can eliminate much of the irrelevancies, spam, and hackers (we hope).

You the User can participate by reading or by reading and responding. You will not be able to post your own main topic, but you are welcome to respond to any topics that are already posted, including this one.

In fact, this post is a call for topics. Please feel free to respond by asking a piano based question or by suggesting a topic for a future post.

We will read these responses and will try to keep new postings coming on a regular basis.

So please post away (while observing good Internet etiquette of course).