Friday, May 27, 2011

Pianofun Piano Camp Schedule

Here's the Piano Camp agenda. Note there are two tracks. Campers are free to take either of the two tracks. Or skip around between the two. Or combine the piano sessions with the VIBO Family Camp sessions where they will offer guitar, percussion, violin, cello, ukulele, woodwinds, vocals, dance, and more. That schedule will be published shortly.

For one low price campers can take up to 11 sessions over the two days, and it includes the Family Song Circle, Faculty Concert, Jam Session, and Talent Show.

Also great food, great people, great environment, fresh air, close to the wine country, and the over all wonderful vibes one gets from an event of this nature.

As you read the schedule keep in mind that the Basic Track is designed for those who have not taken the Instant Piano workshop from Robert. The Beyond Track is for those who have taken Instant Piano and want more information of this kind or those who have a background in chord piano already.

July 23 - 24
Walker Creek Ranch, Marin Co., California

Piano Camp Schedule

Basic Track Beyond Track
(beginners) (intermediates)
10-10:45 am: Reading Notes More notation skills
11-11:45am: Intro to Chords Super Exercises
12-1pm: Lunch
1-1:45pm Keys, Time, etc Adding Pizzazz
2-2:45pm Guided Practice Guided Practice
3-3:45pm open open
4-4:45pm open open
5-6pm Q and A Q and A
Family Song Circle
Faculty Performances
Jam Sessions

Sunday, July 24

8-9am: Breakfast
9-9:45am Beginner Issues Int. Issues
10-10:45am Arranging Demo Arranging Demo
11-11:45am Guided Practice Guided Practice
12-1pm: Lunch
1-1:45pm open open
Family Talent Show

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Piano Camp 2011 Costs and Reg Form

Click on the link below to view all the costs of Piano Camp. They're all in the Registration Form.

To quickly summarize, the cost to attend camp
(tuition) will be $150. That's for a total of 12
sessions over two days, plus the song circles,
faculty recital, jams, etc.

In addition there is a cost for food (of course)
and lodging. See the form for all the options and
details. But it's really reasonable. And the food
is good. I can attest to that.

There will be eight full sessions in Piano Camp
(just devoted to piano), plus dozens of other
courses offered through the Family Camp. You are
welcome to take any courses in either of the two
camps. It's all included in this one price.

Now for some good news. There is a 20% discount
for children and very young children attend free.
And I managed to finagle an early bird discount
for everybody else. If you enroll by June 1 (next
Wednesday) you can take the entire camp for just
$118. After that it goes back up to $150.

You could easily pay $118 just for two or three
private piano lessons. But here you can soak up
two whole days of nothing but piano. Or you can
mix these piano sessions with the other sessions
from family camp.

The camp will be very informative and very fun.
The bulk of the sessions will be taught by yours

More info shortly. But now here is the
registration link.

Other Info

Dates of Camp: Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, July 24

Info on the location.

Proudly Announcing Pianofun Piano Camp

This is the most exciting thing we've done in a
long time. Maybe ever. I'll send you detailed info
very soon. But this is what I can reveal now.

The dates: Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, July 24
The location: Walker Creek Ranch, near Petaluma in
Marin County, Northern California.

The agenda: Eight sessions of just piano, over a
two day period. Includes guided practicing with
one-on-one coaching. Two curricula. One for
absolute beginners (including children) and the
other for those who have studied the Instant Piano
Course or who have some previous experience with
pop chord style piano.

Lodging and meals provided (or you can opt to take
care of that yourself).

Held in conjunction with the Vibo Music Family
camp where you and your family members can opt to
take other courses in topics such as guitar,
ukulele, percussion, dance, jazz vocals, violin,
cello, from a staff of first rate teachers.

Plus you are welcome to participate in family song
night, listen to a faculty concert, participate in
a community band, and an evening jam session. All
of this in a safe, nurturing environment, in a
beautiful, natural setting, just minutes away from
California Wine Country.

I'll get you more information very soon. In the
mean time you can reserve the weekend on your

Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, July 24

Info on the location.

Oh. And the cost will be very, very reasonable. So
reasonable you'll be able to bring the entire

Here are some of the features of just the Piano

Two Basic Tracks: Beginner and Beyond

The beginner track is for those who know little or
nothing about music or the piano. We also welcome
those who have studied only classical (notation
based) piano and who want to learn the chord
system from scratch.

Goal: To enable the beginner to play any song on
the piano with two hands by the end of camp. (Yes,
you heard that right. Any song, two hands).

The "Beyond" Track is for those who have already
studied the Pianofun Instant Piano method or who
have had some basic background in chord style
piano and want to hone their skills.

Goal: To learn strategies to improve your piano
playing skills and knowledge of chords. We will
also explore many of the tricks, techniques, and
sneaky little secrets used by pro piano players.

There will be a total of eight sessons on just
piano out of the 11 slots the camp offers. There
will be a minimum of two piano instructors, one to
handle mostly the beginners, the other to work
with mostly the intermediates.

Campers are free to combine Family Camp classes
with Piano Camp classes and participate in the
Family Song Circle, listen to the Faculty Recital,
the jam sessions, the ensembles, and everything
else the camp has to offer.

It's actually a great opportunity to learn more
about piano while your kids (or grandkids) take
some really fun music and dance lessons from the
skilled instructors.

And best of all, there will be NO ADDITIONAL COST
FOR PIANO CAMP. It's all included.

So mark your calendar: July 23 and 24.

Info on the location.