Monday, July 8, 2013

Beginner or Intermediate? How to tell.

Piano Retreat approaches. Only a couple of months away. Since there will be different choices in course sessions, how does the camper know which track is right for him? It's not that difficult. Either you are a beginner or you are not. Here's how to tell.

Keep in mind you are a beginner if you have no background in chord piano. You are at least an intermediate in my eyes if otherwise.

You are a BEGINNER if any of these apply:

You don't know how to find middle C.
You don't know the names of the black keys.
You can't read Every Good Boy Does Fine
You can't make a C major chord. Or an A minor. Or a G7 (even though you may have had years of classical training.)

You are an INTERMEDIATE if any of these apply:

You have attended at least the basic Instant Piano workshop.
You have successfully gone through the Popular Chord Style Piano book and CD program.
You have learned about basic chords (major, minor, and seventh) from some other source.

(Either way sight reading ability is not much of a factor.)

Our beginners track will teach you everything we cover in our basic Instant Piano workshops. And more. The instructor will spend three days with you, and will give you lots of personal attention. You will be amazed at what you can do on the piano after these three days.

If you are beyond being a beginner, you will fall into one of two Intermediate groups. If you are a first time camper, we want to put you through "Intermediate Boot Camp." We will test you for this, but chances are you will want to take the Boot Camp Sessions. Here we reveal the Basic Truths about how all music works. Chances are you will completely rethink what you know about music, and start using the Boot Camp Tools to guide you on the path of true music mastery.

After Boot Camp you will be free to choose your courses and sessions.

Returning camp veterans have been through this Boot Camp already, and will start working right away with our most advanced instructors. After Boot Camp, new campers will be welcomed into any of the intermediate to advanced sessions.

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