Monday, September 21, 2015

Free Teleconference

We recently had a significant sale on several of our home study products, including materials for total beginners through advanced intermediates.

I'm grateful to all those who made purchases, and I want to return the favor by offering a follow-up conference call, featuring your questions on one end, and my answers on the other.

Before I go much further with the details, I'd like to get a sense of how much enthusiasm is out there for such an event. You can help by expressing your opinion on this blog page below.

Here is my plan so far.

1. It will be a conference style telephone call, using plain old telephone service (POTS) so as not to confuse anyone (especially me) with advanced Internet technologies.

2. We will set up some way to accept questions, whether through live dialog on the call or by having them pre-submitted.

3. The call will be open to everyone on our newsletter subscription list, whether they have purchased anything or not.

4. It will be open to guests who are not on our subscription list too. So if you are a member of a piano interest group (online or otherwise) I encourage you to share the information with anyone who might be interested.

5. The call will be scheduled at a time that would hopefully be convenient to everyone in all three of our time zones (seven if you include Alaska, Hawaii, and the Maritimes).

6. It will be 100% free to participate, either as a direct participant or as an observer. The only thing you pay for is the long distance call if you are on such a calling plan. Most people aren't, so it will be 100% free for them.

Sound like a plan? Then please let me know what you think. Really, I won't go to the trouble to put this together unless I can anticipate real participation. So please, don't hold back your thoughts.

If you have prior history with us, either from buying our home study products, or from taking workshops or retreats, I especially want to hear from you.

Just leave your comments below.


  1. It should be interesting.

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  2. I'm in. Hope there are lots of questions, but if not, i'm sure youll have plenty of gold nuggets to impart.

  3. I'm in. Hope there are lots of questions, but if not, i'm sure youll have plenty of gold nuggets to impart.

  4. That's a very good idea, I think. I'm very grateful to join. How it works?

  5. Yes, I would greatly appreciate this teleconference. I have purchased products and have questions on integrating them.

  6. Always learn something useful from you..

  7. wanted to get your courseware at the discount because I feel confident it is going to work for me. still in the process of shopping for a keyboard so for this call I would be an observer. I'm sure I will hear something useful for the future.

  8. Robert, I appreciate you sharing your knowledge so freely and I look forward to hearing the variety of questions and your responses to them.

  9. I am looking forward to your current updates and Q&A!

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