Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Off to a Good Start


I just spent the last five days leading up to July Fourth on our houseboat on Lake Oroville. A very nice place to be, but one of the best/worst (choose one) things about it is that I was without an Internet Connection for all that time. When I came back to Planet Dry Earth on July 5, I was pleased to see so many comments posted to the last blog entry.

Please understand that there are very few things that give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about the Internet. But this really did, so I'm really inspired now to keep it up.

Rosa, your suggestion for posting sound files is a great one. I'll see how easy this is to do. Not only is there the technical part (which I will be able to handle), but I need to see if it's possible to license actual song examples to use without getting into the murky field of copyright infringement. There's got to be a way to get around that, and if anybody knows an easy answer to this, please let me know.

Stand by for more specific responses to your questions.



  1. Great to hear from you Robert. Sounds like you had a good refreshing time.

    Take it easy. We are all here to support you to get this BLOG going so people will enjoy coming in here every week or everyday and get inspired.


  2. Robert,
    Glad to hear you had a nice 4th and also glad to see a new entry.
    I'm sure there are hundreds of ways to quit smoking, lose weight, get in shape and the like. And not every way works for every person. I'd be interested in hearing about various techniques for memorizing since it seems memorizing is a necessity with this great program you have.
    Bill Little

  3. Robert, I'm not overly religious, but I will light a candle for you hoping you find a way around the "copywrite hogwash". ASCAP, like the unions, has done a good job......but there are limitations. Your Pearls of Wisdom have always been very helpful


  4. Robert:

    After trying various methods for a number of years and seeking an "instant gratification" approach, I'm so excited to have discovered your program. In fact, I'll be ordering several books and CDs on-line today.

    As a trademark and copyright attorney and professional musician/booking agent, feel free to contact me with any legal questions. In regard to avoiding copyright infringement with the posting of sound files, the simplest solution would be to use original compositions that illustrate your points of instruction.

    Alternatively, but somewhat more difficult in the non-classical realm, you could use public domain pieces. Barring these two options, another safe approach would be the licensing of rights to use the material.

    In the absence of a license, you may be able to rely on the fair use doctrine in the event that your publication of copyright-protected music is challenged. Fair use involves a multi-part test that has been subject to much interpretation and comment over the years.

    Some of the many factors to consider would be whether the music being used is a small piece of the entire song, whether the usage is for educational purposes, whether a commercial benefit is being derived from such use, and whether a commercial loss to the copyright owner could result from such use.

    Hopefully, the information above has been helpful to you. In the meantime, keep up the great work!


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