Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How to Listen to and Record Piano Night on Your Computer

New Orleans Piano Night is set for this coming Monday,
April 27, starting at 7 pm Central, and continuing on
into the wee wee hours. In the last letter I suggested
(for those of you who won't be running off to New
Orleans to attend the event in person) that you listen
to it and perhaps record it from the live Internet
broadcast. Here's a little tutorial on how to make this

What you need:

1. A computer. One with a reasonably fast CPU.
Anything, Mac or PC, made in the last seven years
should suffice.

2. A fast Internet connection. DSL or cable. Dial up
MIGHT work, but could be frustrating.

3. Any web browser. I use Firefox or Safari.

4. iTunes. This is a free download from

5. Click on the WWOZ web site at:
Once you are there, click on "Listen On Line" and
select your connection speed. You may have to
experiment a little here.

This should be enough to get you tuned in to the live

As for recording it. You will need some software for
this. Although I've never used it, I hear that Audacity
works well for this.

I personally use Wire Tap for my Mac, but that's not a
free download.

Audacity works for PC, Mac, and Linux. And it's free.
Read the documentation and record the presentation on
your computer hard drive or on an external hard drive.
I suggest chosing mp3 as the file format for best
fidelity and smallest file size.

If that doesn't work, PLEASE do not ask me for help on
this. I've told you all I know. I can't fix individual
computer problems. Sorry. You should be able to find
lots of help on line.

Let me know how you like the show.

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