Friday, May 27, 2011

Pianofun Piano Camp Schedule

Here's the Piano Camp agenda. Note there are two tracks. Campers are free to take either of the two tracks. Or skip around between the two. Or combine the piano sessions with the VIBO Family Camp sessions where they will offer guitar, percussion, violin, cello, ukulele, woodwinds, vocals, dance, and more. That schedule will be published shortly.

For one low price campers can take up to 11 sessions over the two days, and it includes the Family Song Circle, Faculty Concert, Jam Session, and Talent Show.

Also great food, great people, great environment, fresh air, close to the wine country, and the over all wonderful vibes one gets from an event of this nature.

As you read the schedule keep in mind that the Basic Track is designed for those who have not taken the Instant Piano workshop from Robert. The Beyond Track is for those who have taken Instant Piano and want more information of this kind or those who have a background in chord piano already.

July 23 - 24
Walker Creek Ranch, Marin Co., California

Piano Camp Schedule

Basic Track Beyond Track
(beginners) (intermediates)
10-10:45 am: Reading Notes More notation skills
11-11:45am: Intro to Chords Super Exercises
12-1pm: Lunch
1-1:45pm Keys, Time, etc Adding Pizzazz
2-2:45pm Guided Practice Guided Practice
3-3:45pm open open
4-4:45pm open open
5-6pm Q and A Q and A
Family Song Circle
Faculty Performances
Jam Sessions

Sunday, July 24

8-9am: Breakfast
9-9:45am Beginner Issues Int. Issues
10-10:45am Arranging Demo Arranging Demo
11-11:45am Guided Practice Guided Practice
12-1pm: Lunch
1-1:45pm open open
Family Talent Show

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